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Imagine if you could spend 3 hours a month scheduling your Pinterest content and get thousands upon thousands of visitors flooding into your site as a result?

The Roadmap to TRAFFIC is right here!

What if:

  • You had a strategy that EVOLVES with the algorithm changes on Pinterest?
  • Pinterest drove FREE traffic from your target audience to your site?
  • You could save money by managing your Pinterest account in-house, in just a couple hours a month?
  • You knew what to do on Pinterest and why?


Most people are pinning the "wrong way".


Or they have a strategy based on old information that doesn't account for the hundreds of algorithm changes on Pinterest this year alone.


Let's stop pinning the old way, hoping something will just magically click ...


Here's the truth: you don't need any more checklists and hacks, ads or experts. You have the amazing content and problem-solving products people are looking for.


What you need is a way to get eyeballs on your product and content.

A way that will work year after year ... not just until the next algorithm change.

What if I told you that you can get the SECRET SUPER POWER to blow up your traffic TODAY?

You can get TONS of traffic from Pinterest ... with the Smart Pin PRO Framework:


Are you Ready to LEVEL UP your Pinterest Strategy?

I've spent years and thousands of dollars to learn how to get traffic.  I wasted years NOT making money from my website because my traffic was terrible. I believed there was some magic solution I was missing that would solve my traffic problem. 


I'd learn some tactics that worked for a while ...


Until the algorithm changed. (and it changes ALL THE TIME). 


I needed a way to adjust my strategy so I wasn't at the mercy of every algorithm change.


That's when I figured out there's no magic pill. No magic solution.


The real  "magic" is in discovering how to actually create a strategy that grows with your unique business and evolves with the algorithm changes.


I found that I could see changes coming by using my data to make smart, informed decisions that get TRAFFIC!


That's when I developed the Smart Pin PRO framework.


I share every detail of the framework with you in the Smart Pin PRO course.

The Smart Pin PRO framework gets results like this:

"Smart Pin PRO helped me reach my goal to one day make this a full-time income.

The system has enabled me to DOUBLE my pageviews and increase my ad earnings by 5 times!

The Smart Pin PRO system helped me get my Pinterest schedule set for the whole month so I can focus more on other things, like projects outside my blog. I can now ask for more from sponsored posts - my Pinterest reach has been the most impressive aspect of sponsored posts for brands. "

Kathy Ransom

What exactly will you learn in Smart Pin PRO?

Module 1: Course Overview

Learn about the mindset you need for Pinterest success. Plus get a Quick Start Guide to start pinning from the first day! Plus find out what to expect in the course, where everything is located, and more to help you get the most out of Smart Pin PRO.

Module 2: Pinterest Strategy

We dig right into the nitty gritty of the Smart Pin PRO framework for developing a Pinterest strategy for your unique brand. This theory lays the foundation for everything you'll learn in the course over the coming weeks.

Module 3: Understanding Pinterest

Learn how Pinterest works from a user perspective. We'll walk through the steps of preparing your site for pinning and making sure the proper analytics tools are enabled and installed.

Module 4: The Ultimate Board Audit

Boards are more important than ever to Pinterest strategy. Learn how to conduct an audit of your boards. Plus the ONE rule you need to know before you create any more new boards!

Module 5: Pin Images that Get Clicks

What makes a great pin? Learn how to create killer pins, from the image to the descriptions and hashtags. Learn the entire process from A to Z, from creating pins to adding them to your site. Discover when to use other's people pins and why.

Module 6: Scheduling Like a Boss!

Learn how to use Tailwind like a BOSS. Streamline your pin scheduling process to get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time every month. Learn how to create a constant stream of traffic from Pinterest so you can then focus on other parts of your business.

Module 7: Next Level Research Strategies

Pinterest has so much value for your business beyond "pinning". Discover new ways to use Pinterest to rise above your competition and create content that attracts engaged readers and buyers.

Module 8: Advanced Growth Strategies

Discover unique ways to use Pinterest that you've never heard of before to send and gain traffic from unexpected sources.

Module 9: Optimization Strategies

Learn how to get the maximum benefit from content you've already created. Plus use analytics and testing strategies to make your content perform better in the long run.

Module 10: Implementation Week

Put the strategies and concepts you've learned all together in a live group walkthrough. See how to pin your content efficiently in a real-world scenario. Follow along with your own Pinterest account and leave with a full pin schedule.

Get the TRAFFIC you deserve ... TODAY:

What would you do with an extra $7200 a year?

That's how much this Smart Pin PRO student is bringing in from the traffic she's driving to her site with Pinterest.

Her developer told her she would make only $30 a month with ads.

After Smart Pin PRO, she grew her traffic enough to finally qualify to join an ad network. Not only has traffic and ad revenue increased, but sales of her online products have grown as well!

Hello! I'm Jennifer

I've been in your shoes before, stuck in a traffic rut. It's my mission to help you break through that barrier and start growing your website traffic with Pinterest. It's not magic ... it's strategy!

I'm a social media strategist. My consulting firm, Smart Creative Social, has a prestigious client list, boasting companies whose products are sold worldwide and in big box stores. I've been managing the social media accounts of brands for nearly 10 years.

But I'm also a blogger and content creator, working with brands as an influencer. I've been at this business for over 15 years!

I struggled with my blog traffic as a "blogger". I didn't know what I was doing wrong until I had a breakthrough in my mindset about Pinterest.

I developed a method to test and validate Pinterest strategies to get traffic.

Over 6 months, I increased my traffic by 1800%! And that qualified me to join an ad network that has earned me thousands of dollars.

Then I mastered a new feature on Pinterest to start gaining traffic on brand new content in as little as 2 days. Just 2 days!

When I was able to replicate the results for my clients, I knew I was onto a winning formula!

That's when I developed the Smart Pin PRO framework, to help you get out of that traffic rut and get the results you've been looking for from Pinterest and your business.

I've been in your shoes and I am 100% on your side to help you in this journey.

Can You REALLY Get Traffic From Pinterest FAST?

Yes you can! Look at Shirley's results after just 10 days in Smart Pin PRO!

Let me help you finally get the pageviews you deserve!

Not sure yet?

Here are some answers:

I'm struggling to grow my following on Pinterest. How can Smart Pin PRO help?  

Pinterest followers don't matter as much when it comes to traffic. In fact, Pinterest has made it more difficult to follow accounts in recent years. But that's ok because in Smart Pin PRO, I'll show you how to get traffic to your site no matter how many followers you have or how long you've been pinning.


Can you guarantee I will see results?

I know the strategies in Smart Pin PRO work. It's a two-part formula: I'm sharing the plan with you in the course. You gotta do the work to make it happen. It takes your participation to make the strategies work.


I've been using Pinterest for a while and my traffic has been stuck at the same level. Will Smart Pin PRO help me?

Yes! Smart Pin PRO will help you learn to drive traffic to your website, blog, or product no matter how long you have been pinning. You can even use Pinterest to drive traffic to your YouTube channel or Facebook Lives!

I'll walk you through how to clean up your account and position your content for success so that all the effort you put into pinning leads to measurable results.

I don’t have an Pinterest account … should I wait until I have one set up? 

This course is for people who are familiar with Pinterest and how it works. If you don't have a Pinterest account, start with this FREE step-by-step video training to get your account set up. Then you'll be ready to join Smart Pin PRO to pin like a BOSS!


Is this course only for beginners? I've been pinning a long time ...

Beginners are welcome but Smart Pin PRO includes strategies for advanced Pinterest users as well. We will be digging into analytics, research strategies, and other complex ways to use Pinterest that even seasoned pinners will benefit from learning. There's also the support you'll get in the online group so that you can get answers for your specific brand and niche.

I've taken other courses and haven't seen results. What makes Smart Pin PRO different?

In Smart Pin PRO I not only help you learn what to do and how to do it but I explain the WHY. The WHY is what truly empowers you to apply the strategy to YOUR UNIQUE BUSINESS.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way through the course and in our online group. PLUS, unlike any other course, we wrap everything you learn up in a guided implementation call each quarter. That means we will be putting everything we learned into action, pinning, scheduling, and analyzing together.

What if I'm not a "crafter" or "blogger"? What if my business is in another industry? 

That’s totally okay! I’ve seen the Smart Pin PRO strategies work across a number of niches and businesses - it’s all about understanding how to leverage Pinterest for your business. Smart Pin PRO covers the same strategies I've used for clients in all sorts of industries from big box wholesalers to online retailers, from bloggers to etsy shop owners, and from artists to small business owners. 

If you don't have a "blog" or website, you can use some of these same strategies to sell your products, promote affiliate links, and more. You can even promote your YouTube channel on Pinterest!

I don’t have a a blog or anything to sell yet …will this help me get started? 

No product or online presence at all? If you don’t have a social presence or a product to sell, then this is probably not the course for you.


Do I need anything beside a basic Pinterest account to take this course?

Yes, you'll need Google Analytics, a Pinterest business account, and a product or website to promote. If you don't have a Pinterest Business account or Google Analytics, you can set both up in a matter of minutes, using these tutorials: set up Google Analytics or set up Pinterest Business Account

If you don't have a website, blog, or some place online you can send traffic to, this course is not for you.


How long do I have access if I buy the course now? 

You get guaranteed access and updates for as long as I am running the course.


Is there a payment plan?

Yes, I offer a payment plan here.


But what if I heard Pinterest doesn't work for my niche or industry?  

Pinterest is a visual search engine, much like how Google is a search engine. If people are online, looking for your product or service on Google, they're probably looking for it on Pinterest too.

In fact, the number of users on Pinteret grew 25% YoY from 2017 to 2018 to over 250 million users! Males and International users are among the fastest growing demographics on Pinterest. In short: your people are there.

Some content will be more difficult to make visually appealing on Pinterest but I am here to help you figure it out. We'll work through the challenges together in the course!


I have a vacation planned ... When does the course actually start?

The course content will be available for you to learn at your own pace as soon as you sign up. Or you can follow along week by week as you're guided through the content with a reminder email each week for 6 weeks.  You can start the course at any time after you enroll.


What if I find that I don’t like the course? 

We hope that doesn’t happen, but if it does, we have a 30-day refund policy. The policy is included in your checkout.


If I get a refund, do I get to keep the bonuses?

Bonuses will be delivered once the refund period is over. If you get a refund, you won't get any of the bonuses. You also lose access to the course, groups, and all materials and support immediately.

How much growth can you expect with Smart Pin PRO?

"The results on Pinterest have been dramatic with 85% growth in engagement!"

Kristen Mangus

People Are Looking For Your Products and Ideas!

Help people find your solutions.

You don't have to wait any longer. Let's blow up your traffic with Pinterest, so you can start seeing the results you deserve!

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