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The smart resource for growing your online business

Ever wish someone would help you figure out how to GROW your online biz without taking a HUGE course or spending hours researching?

Do you feel like you are trying to grow your business all by yourself, without any support?

Have you taken all the courses and bought all the coaching and still feel LOST?

You need to join Smart Creative SOCIETY!

Get the support you need to LEVEL UP

In the SOCIETY, you'll get the guidance and support to help you do the next BIG THING in your online business.


Each quarter I survey the SOCIETY members to find out what you want to learn most. Then I craft our next training based on your requests.


SOCIETY trainings cover these topics:

  • Social Media - unique ways to use social media platforms beyond what you'll learn in today's standard courses
  • Productivity - how to make more from the least effort using systems and workflows
  • SEO - how to help the right people discover your content
  • Email Marketing - how to connect with your customer
  • Monetization - find ways to get the max profit from your biz


Every month you'll receive:

  • Training Module and Videos by Jennifer Priest or a Guest Expert
  • Downloadable Resources to help you execute the teachings in the training
  • 2 monthly OFFICE HOURS calls where you can ask questions, hop on the video live, and get answers to solidify what you've learned
  • Online Resource Library so you can access the training you need, when you need it
  • Exclusive Members-Only Group where you can ask questions and get support every single month


I keep the trainings short and concise. Your time is valuable! My goal is to help you get the most from your membership by respecting your time and giving you exactly what you need to get going on that NEXT step in your online biz.


I've hand-selected Guest Experts who bring their A-game to their training and field. These Expert trainings dovetail with the trainings already available in the SOCIETY for a cohesive, robust learning experience.


It's time to stop stringing together courses ...

... that will take months to work through. Stop getting conflicting messages from multiple people who aren't doing the work of running a real business.

I'm actually in the trenches using what I teach in this membership to run my own business and to advise my clients running multi-million dollar businesses.

Get the membership that will give you the support and guidance you need to truly LEVEL UP your biz this year!

The SOCIETY is for you if:

  • You want to QUICKLY get strategies that work NOW
  • You're tired of taking courses and spending hours "learning" but not seeing results
  • You don't have time to watch hours of videos; you just need someone to tell you the steps NOW
  • You take courses but when you sit down at the computer, you don't know HOW to implement everything you "learned"
  • You feel like there's not enough time to do everything you "SHOULD" be doing in your business
  • You're sick of people telling you to "hire it out" ... or maybe you hired someone and they didn't get results (and you aren't even sure why)
  • You wish there was someone you could ask questions and not feel like you're bugging them
  • You're craving advice and guidance from someone who understands the life of a small business owner or solopreneur ... you don't need someone with a 50 person team telling you what to do!
  • You want to connect with others who "get" online business ... in a community!
  • You want to learn at your own pace. In the SOCIETY, you'll get access to the entire training library. Choose trainings as you need them.
  • You want a safe place to ask questions

Are you ready to get the SUPPORT you need to grow your online biz?

If you're tired of wasting time on busy-work that doesn't get results and you want to take your online presence to the next level, then you're ready for Smart Creative SOCIETY!

 Smart Creative SOCIETY includes:

  • A private, members only community where you can ask questions in confidence
  • Instant Access to a library of trainings including keyword research, email automations, and how to build your list with Instagram
  • 1 training per month on topics that will move your online business forward
  • 1 downloadable resource every month to help you implement in your business
  • 2 group OFFICE HOURS per month to ask questions, connect with other members, and get help for your specific business
  • Behind the scenes access – be the first to hear about new strategies and opportunities
  • Members only classroom where all of the lessons and resources will be stored and organized for easy access
  • Additional bonus training videos and resources!

How Can Smart Creative SOCIETY Help You LEVEL UP?

If you are feeling stuck in your business, Smart Creative SOCIETY is the answer.

Here's what I mean when I say I'll help you "Level Up":

Unable to make money from ads on your site? We'll explore ways to improve your traffic to get you to that next milestone.

Drowning under piles of work? I'll share workflows and systems for scheduling social media faster and prioritizing tasks and projects.

Wish you could make videos? Or take better photos? I'll share how.

Don't understand how to grow your Instagram? I'll share how to use the power of Instagram to grow your account and your email list FAST!

... And these are just some of the ways I will help you "level up" past where you business is, right now.

The SOCIETY is guided by the members ... you help tell me what you need NOW to move your business forward.


Are you ready to get LEVEL UP now?

"Jennifer genuinely cares about helping her students succeed ... the results on Pinterest have been dramatic with 85% growth in engagement! I highly recommend Jennifer Priest to anyone looking to take their social media strategies and systems to the next level!"

Kristen Mangus

Support to Take Your Strategy to The Next Level:

 As a member, you'll have access to everything we create, starting day 1 of your membership.

Your feedback will help improve and guide the development of future lessons and features in the SOCIETY! 

I'm plan the content so that you will have time to watch the videos and implement the lessons in your own business. 

Avoid overwhelm and get only the tools and knowledge you need to move your business forward ... we're not gonna playing around with woo-woo stuff and fluff!

But we can have a little fun *wink wink*

Blogger or Small Business Owner ...

Whether you are a blogger or small business owner, the SOCIETY can serve you if you want to:

  • get better results from social media
  • stay focused on strategies that actually work
  • start using digital marketing strategies like a boss
  • get the feedback you need to move forward
  • be held accountable

Hello! I'm Jennifer

I've been in your shoes before, stuck in a rut! It's my mission to help you break through that barrier and start growing your online business. It's not magic ... it's strategy!

I'm a social media strategist who is also a blogger and content creator, working with brands. My consulting firm, Smart Creative Social, has a prestigious client list, boasting companies whose products are sold worldwide and in big box stores. I've been managing the social media accounts of brands for nearly 10 years all while building my own business as a professional crafter and blogger. I've been at this business for over 15 years!

I started in email marketing and from there, starting building blogs and social media followings for myself and other businesses. I made a lot of mistakes and wasted tons of time in expensive courses and even with expensive coaches. 

What really made the difference was the support of fellow business owners who knew what they were doing. 

That's what I am offering to you ... I'll be your cheerleader, your guide, your teacher, your coach to help you figure out what's the most important thing to do now, how to do it, and how to stay motivated to get it done.

"Jennifer’s knowledge and experience with social and digital marketing has been incredibly helpful to our business. Her drive to keep up with the evolving social media environment is appreciated and the time and effort she puts into her business is impressive!"

Hannah Bartelt
Marketing & Social Media Specialist at Walnut Hollow

Not sure yet?

Here are some answers:

I don't know if I will get enough value out of this ... can I quit?  

You can cancel your membership at any time. The membership is billed in monthly periods; no refunds or pro-rated refunds can be given for partial months used. Annual memberships will be refunded as follows: calculated at the monthly billing rate for the months used, any partial months will be counted as full months, and any remaining balance will be refunded 30 days after cancellation. Cancelling your membership results in forfeiting the rate at which you joined. If you wish to join the membership again, you will need to join at the current rate of membership at that time. We do not offer any holds or pauses in membership.


I've been blogging a long time ... will I actually learn anything new?

Yes! I have lots of the content in the SOCIETY planned out, based on trends and new developments in digital marketing. I have made it my mission to go to conferences and events to make sure I stay on top of the latest and greatest trends in digital marketing.

That said, this is YOUR membership ... and the members (you!) will help guide what we work on. If no one is interested in a specific topic, we shift the focus to a topic that the members have said they do want to learn.

I don’t have a blog… should I wait until I have one set up? 

You'll get the most out of the membership if you're already blogging or already in business. But if you are just starting out, you'll learn alot that can help you avoid costly mistakes that most beginners make.


Is this course only for bloggers?

The SOCIETY is for anyone with an online business. We will focus on blogging as a part of content marketing in our sessions but I will also make the content relevant to members who don't blog, like etsy shop owners. The make up of the membership will help determine how the content is presented.


I've joined other memberships and haven't seen results. What makes Smart Creative SOCIETY different?

I've been in cruddy, disorganized memberships too ... that's why I have spent over 2 years designing Smart Creative SOCIETY to deliver the maximum value possible in a way that fits a busy business owner's life.

In Smart Creative SOCIETY I not only help you learn what to do and how to do it but I explain the WHY. The WHY is what truly empowers you to apply the strategy to YOUR UNIQUE BUSINESS. I'm here to help you every step of the way through the monthly content and in our online group. PLUS, we wrap everything you learn up in a LIVE group call each month. That means we will be putting everything we learned into action, working together.

What if I'm not a "crafter" or "blogger"? What if my business is in another industry? 

That’s totally okay! No matter the industry, the strategies we teach are applicable. If the lessons aren't gelling, you can get help for your specific business during our monthly OFFICE HOURS.

I don’t have a blog or anything to sell yet …will this help me get started? 

No product or online presence at all? If you don’t have a social presence or a product to sell, then this is probably not the membership for you.


How long do I have access if I buy the membership now? 

Membership is billed monthly. You keep access as long as you keep your monthly payments active (they are automatic). If you paid annually, then you will have access for the full 12 months you've purchased.


If I cancel, do I get to keep the bonuses?

Any bonuses will be delivered in the members area of this site as soon as you join. Access to the bonus materials ends when you cancel your membership.

You don't have to wait any longer! Get the support and knowledge you need to move your business forward ... so you can start seeing the results you deserve!

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