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Smart Pin PRO helped me DOUBLE my pageviews and increase my ad earnings by 5 times! Jennifer's system helped me get my Pinterest schedule set for the whole month so I can focus more on other things, like projects outside my blog. I can now ask for more from sponsored posts - my Pinterest reach has been the most impressive aspect of sponsored posts for brands. Not only was the material great, but also how Jennifer conducted the class, having her there to help made a big difference.

Kathy Ransom

Jennifer genuinely cares about helping her students succeed ... the results on Pinterest have been dramatic with 85% growth in engagement! I highly recommend Jennifer Priest to anyone looking to take their social media strategies and systems to the next level!

Kristen Mangus

Jennifer’s knowledge and experience with social and digital marketing has been incredibly helpful to our business. Her drive to keep up with the evolving social media environment is appreciated and the time and effort she puts into her business is impressive!

Hannah Bartelt

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Terms of Services/Use for Smart Pin Pro with Smart Creative Social, Jennifer Priest

By purchasing, downloading, and participating in the Smart Pin PRO, you agree and consent to the following terms of services/ use:

Effective Date

This Terms of Service/Use is to be considered effective January 1, 2018 and shall be binding up both parties from the date of download of the Smart Pin PRO. Any changes or amendments are subject to the Amendments Clause.


Smart Pin Pro will be teaching the following, but not limited to:

  1. How to use Pinterest;
  2. How to use Tailwind;
  3. How to use hashtags, captions, links, and images for algorithms;
  4. Affiliate links and Pinterest;
  5. How to get traffic to social media accounts, like but not limited to: Facebook and YouTube; and
  6. How to use Google Analytics in relation to Pinterest

Facebook Group

The Facebook group is considered a bonus.  Your participation in the Facebook group is not required, and is solely up to you whether you chose to participate or not.  

Affiliate Links

Within this course, you are will learn about affiliate links.   It is up to the course taker to make sure you are in compliance with the FTC or applicable laws.


Payment for this course will be as reflected on your purchase receipt.


A full refund is available up until 30 days after signing up for the course, including the day of sign up.

After this period, no refund will be allocated.


Access to the Smart Pin Pro course will last 1 (one) year from the date of purchase. 

Intellectual Property

  1. All materials included in this program are the sole property of Smart Creative Social and Jennifer Priest. This includes, but not limited to: Pictures, Logos, materials, and the like.
  2. Any unauthorized reproduction of any of the materials included in this program will be considered a Breach of Contract (See Breach of Contract section).


Course Taker agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the same, Smart Creative Social and Jennifer Priest, of any and all claims that could viably arise from the use of this Course.

Course Taker agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the same, Smart Creative Social and Jennifer Priest, of any misuse of disclosures or lack there of by the course taker.


  1. Smart Creative Social and Jennifer Priest waive all liability. Taking this course is an assumption of risk by the Course Taker.
  2. Smart Creative Social and Jennifer Priest do no promise results from this course, thus waiving all liability to the course.
  3. Smart Creative Social and Jennifer Priest are not liable for Course Takers misuse or failure to disclose (or properly disclose) affiliate links.


Smart Creative Social waives all warranties, including by not limited to, express and implied warranties, unless not allowed by law.


Any amendments to this Terms of Service/Use shall be in writing and a 15 day notice shall be given.

Breach of the Terms of Service/Use

It may be considered a breach of contract in the following, but not limited to:

  1. Any violation of any other clause of Terms of Services/Use;
  2. A “stop payment” on credit card after the aforementioned 3 (three) day period or 3(three) lesson period;
  3. Violating the Intellectual Property Clause;
  4. Using Libel and Slander as a means to stop payment on the course; and
  5. Disrupting the course experience for other Course Takers.

Any breach will be considered for immediate termination of the Course and potential legal action.

Governing Law

If a dispute were to arise regarding these Terms of Services/use, both parties agree to use the State of California’s Law to interpret.

Both Parties agree to try Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) before a law suite can be filed.


The State of California shall have jurisdiction to hear any dispute arising from this Terms of Service/ Use.

Attorney’s Fees

All reasonable attorney fees shall be awarded to Smart Creative Social and Jennifer Priest if a dispute where to arise.

Acceptance of this Contract

By pressing or clicking: agree, accept, or anything similar, you are agreeing to be bound by this Terms of Service/ Use.